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New Year New Deal at Domino's Pizza St Helens - 555 Makes a Welcome Return

Domino's Pizza 555

At Domino’s Pizza in St Helens you can enjoy a delicious, freshly made pizza topped with the finest quality ingredients.

Best of all you can now order our NEW 555 Deal – Order three or more 9.5” pizzas for only £5.55 each.

Choose from favourites like our delicious Pepperoni Passion® and tangy Texas BBQ pizzas or create your own up to 5 toppings at no extra charge

Call Domino’s St Helens now on 01744 733 566 or order online and we’ll deliver you a delicious, piping-hot pizza direct to your door in no time at all.

All the usual terms and conditions apply, you know the score by now

St Helens Domino's Pizza - Free Pizza Giveaway

Lucky St St Helens

FREE Pizza - coming to a street near you?

Free pizza is coming to St. Helens and Huyton with the launch of Domino’s Pizza Lucky Street promotion. Starting on November 24 2008, the promotion will give a free piping hot pizza to homes in lucky streets in the area.

Domino’s highly coveted Lucky Street cards will be delivered to specially selected roads in the area.
To claim their free medium cheese and tomato pizza with two toppings, residents simply have to redeem the coupon at their local Domino’s by phone on 01744 733566 for St. Helens and 0151 449 0449 for Huyton or in person at the stores on Duke Street, St. Helens and Derby Road, Huyton.
To prove they are eligible for the deal, they will need to hand over the Lucky Street card to the driver or order taker upon delivery or collection of their pizza.

“There’s absolutely no catch – we just want to spread the word about our delicious, fresh pizza,” said Simon Pickles, franchisee of Domino’s St. Helens and Huyton stores.
“We know the lengths people will go to for free pizza so the locations of the chosen streets are a closely guarded secret here at our store. After all, we don’t want to give people the chance to cash in by selling their home to a pizza lover craving a free ham and mushroom pizza!” (as if anyone could actually sell their home at the moment!)

Keep a lookout at your letterbox to see whether your home is on one of the luckiest streets in Merseyside.
For more information on Domino’s, the pizza delivery experts, log onto http://www.dominos.co.uk/.
For details on how to join our Facebook site click here

"You've Never had it So Good" - The new Domino's Premiere - Now at St Helens Domino's Pizza

To welcome the new pizza to our menu here is the TV advert for our latest arrival

They said "it couldn’t be done"

They said "it sounded too good to be true"

They said "it won't happen in our lifetime".

But they never counted on the pizza-making genius of Domino's.

Pepperoni, Pastrami, Steak and Chorizo. Four of the finest, most delicious meats brought together for the first time on the stunning new Premiere Pizza.

Thanks Domino's we owe ya.

Available to order instore, by phone or online.

Phone on 01744 733566 or visit the Domino's Website

Try the New American Hot Pizza at Domino's St Helens

When the most succulent tasty pepperoni meets some fiery hot little jalapeno peppers on a bed of mouth watering mozzarella cheese and onion you just know they are going to get it on. It's a jalpenory pepperonery love story from Domino's . Oh yeah! Pure American Hot action from Domino's Pizza.

Available to order instore, by phone or online.

Give us a ring on 01744 733566

Join the Domino's Pizza St Helens Facebook Fan Club and Save Money on Your Pizzas

We have set up a Facebook group for all the Domino's Pizza St Helens Customers and Fans out there.

With sections for uploading your pictures and videos there will be regular competitions for you to share with The World your Domino's Experience. (Keep 'Em Clean please!)

There is a Discussion Board for you to suggest how we can improve our service or if you would like to see new products then that is the place to let us know about them.

Or if you see any interesting pizza-related stories or websites you can link to them via the group.
And there is a coupon code printed on the site that will save you 20% when you order online at the main Domino's website. Usual conditions apply.
So to join just click here. If you don't already have a Facebook account, setting one up is straight forward and FREE.

Sunny Days in St Helens - Free Domino's Pizza Giveaway!

Here are a few pictures from our recent Free Pizza Giveaway Day in St Helens Town Centre. Many thanks to Matt, Kyle and Emma for bringing such joy to everyone's lives. Pizza always makes people smile! And thanks to for everyone from Saints who joined us too, especially Boots the Mascot.

If you are a member of Facebook you can become a Domino's Fan here.

Free Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza St Helens
Pizza Pizza Pizza
Cheese and Bacon Pizza
Boots Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza Huyton - Now Open

Willowbrook Hospice Domino's Pizza Huyton

Now Open !!

Address: Unit 29, Cavendish Walk, Derby Rd, Huyton, Liverpool L36 9YG

Tel: 0151 449 0449

Opening Hours: 11.30am - 11pm 7 days a week

Delivering to: Huyton, Roby, Prescot and Whiston

Order for Collection or Delivery

Menu: Sorry we do not sell burgers, chips or kebabs

St Helens' Big Brother Contestant Dale Howard Admits That Domino's Pizza Will be the Thing He Will Miss Most

Dale Howard is a super confident 21-year-old from St Helens.

A part-time DJ, Dale is desperate to be rich and famous and have girls screaming his name, but in a rare unguarded moment on Opening Night he was heard telling Scouse contestant Steph that he was not looking forward to going without Domino's Pizzas for 3 months (or at least that's what I thought he said!)

He rates himself 10/10 for looks and believes his peers are often jealous of him. Dale is described by his friends and family as friendly, funny but mostly arrogant, big-headed and over confident.

Dale is currently studying to be a PE teacher, although deep down he dreams of being a pro- footballer. In his youth he had trials with Manchester United and Wigan Athletic but didn't get through, which he now regrets.

He likes to keep his body in good shape by daily visits to the gym and playing football for his university.

Dale's first love is now music and loves to DJ in his spare time. He says that DJ'ing is the second thing in the world that makes him happy – after money of course! A party animal, Dale loves to go clubbing at the weekend in Liverpool with his mates.

Dale loves "fit" girls and has a thing about women with funny noses. His dream celebrity dates would be Mischa Barton and Abbey Clancey. To Dale winning Big Brother means everything "forget taking part, no one remembers the losers".

He says he should be on the show because of his good looks and that he gets on with everyone, especially the girls.

He says he is mentally and physically strong and ready to take on any challenge Big Brother throws at him.

To sample what Dale is missing phone the shop on 01744 733566 or visit the Domino's website and order direct

To check out the rest of the BB9 Housemates click here

Domino's Pizza St Helens - We Are So Just Not Normal!

This video is from The States, but it gives you a little taste of what we are about at Domino's Pizza St Helens .

When you call us "Obsessive" we take it as a compliment!

Obsessed with Food Quality!

Obsessed with "Out The Door" Times (88% of deliveries left the shop in under 15 minutes last week!)

And Obsessed with Customer Satisfaction!

And if you are a Saints Fan click here for details of our exclusive Special Offers!

Saints Stalwart Mike Bennett Prepares for London Skolars Game

Mike Bennett St Helens Rugby LeagueEven though he has over 150 Saints' appearances under his belt, Mike Bennett rarely hits the headlines, yet he is now one of the longest serving players and has slowly notched his try count up to 16.

In a career often dogged by injury, Mike has stepped into the breach this season when those around him have been sidelined and he played an important role in the recent victory over Harlequins RL, when the Saints' ship was steadied by a rousing 58-12 victory.

As we move into the middle section of the campaign we will be looking for a good win against London Skolars on April 20th, and we are sure Mike will continue on his run of recent good form.

Mike popped into our shop this week to say hello, and to receive our best wishes for the coming game. Pizzatastic!

Domino's Pizza Britain's Got Talent "Living In a Box" Advert

Exclusive Preview - Here is another Domino's Pizza Britain's Got Talent Advert.

To find out how to win an iMac or FREE Pizza for a year click here or visit the Domino's Pizza Britain's Got Talent Website

Domino's Pizza Britain's Got Talent TV Sponsorship Clips

As official sponsor of "Britain's Got Talent" Domino's Pizza have created a series of short clips, one of which will be shown at each break during the show.

Here is a compliation of them.

And if you think you have talent why not enter our competition here to win great prizes?

To order the Official Britain's Got Talent Pizza - The Domino's Meatball Mayhem - just give us a ring at Domino's Pizza St Helens on 01744 733 566 or log on to the Domino's Pizza Website

Three Lucky Youngsters Get an Easter Pizza Treat

Domino's Pizza St HelensEaster Sunday was a very special afternoon for us at Domino's Pizza St Helens as we welcomed Megan, Adam and Matthew to our shop for an exclusive "Access All Areas" behind the scenes tour and pizza-making workshop.

And all they had to do to get this was bribe me with some of their spare Chocolate Eggs!

Scroll to the end to see how you can "Learn to Make Pizza with the Pro's"

Pizza St HelensAfter the tour round and obligatory Health and Safety Briefing we got down to the serious business of "slapping out some skins"

St Helens Domino's PizzaWith very little instruction, all 3 of the Wizard's Apprentices soon got the hang of shaping the pizza bases.

PizzaSynchronised Pizza saucing should be an Olympic Sport and these 3 would deinitely get in the team!

Domino's PizzaNext up is the ancient and mystic art of cheesing. You put the cheese in the hopper and press the button. Not too much though, young man - this is a business not a charity :-)

PizzaAfter carefully selecting and placing toppings the pizza is ready to go in the oven. They say there are 88 million different combinations of Domino's Pizza toppings and I can honestly say that I have never seen Ham, Chorizo, Sweetcorn, Onion and Fresh Tomato on the same pizza until now! But I'm sure it tasted just fine.

Domino's Pizza By the wonder of modern technology 7 minutes later these awesome creations came out of the oven - baked to perfection.

Domino's Pizza Cutting
Go on then son, just cut it into 4 man-size pieces and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

We have an ongoing community involvement programme and if you want to come in and have a go yourself just drop me a line at sthelensdominos@gmail.com to arrange your visit. We can take kids and adults from age 8 upwards in groups of up to 4 at a time. There are some basic safety considerations to bear in mind but on the whole we just want you to come and get messy with us and have a pizza-tastic time!

Pizza-Related Injuries on the Rise?

In the latest installment on our series about how to eat a pizza safely and responsibly we bring you this cartoon.

Click on the image to expand.

For more cartoons like this go to Comics.com

Francis Meli Saves the Day - Supported by Domino's Pizza St Helens!

Francis Meli Domino's Pizza St HelensSaints were leading Wigan Warriors in the Annual Good Friday Derby - the most important match in the Rugby League calendar, when this moment was captured by the Sky Sports Team.

Francis Meli, watched on by Willie Talau, rises like a salmon to take a high ball kicked into the corner on the 6th tackle.

The referee ruled he was fouled on the way down, and the subsequent "try" by Wigan was disallowed - a potential match-turning moment as this would have let Wigan back into the game.

Instead Saints turned in a magnifcent 2nd half performance, topped off by "The Try of the Season" from young Kyle Eastmond, and ran out eventual 46-10 winners.

If you enjoyed the match as much as we did and want to try a Domino's Pizza then we have some great special offers for Saints fans. Just click here for details

Did You Enjoy Your Free Domino's Pizza?

Domino's pizza St Helens RugbyThey say that "the sun always shines on the righteous" and it was certainly beaming down today when we went into the town centre with our good friends from St Helens Rugby League Club to publicise the forthcoming game against Wigan Warriors and to hand out some samples of our new Domino's Steak Special Pizza.

Pictured here with "Boots" the Saints mascot are Matt, Emma and me having just completed our marathon 2 hour sampling session.

Boots MascotBoots the mascot was happy to miss out on his normal Pedigree Chum lunch and instead had his very own Domino's Original Cheese & Tomato Pizza.

We have some great offers for Saints fans (or indeed anyone).

Just click here

Cineworld Angels
We also need to thank Catherine and Charlotte from the Cineworld Angels Cheerleaders who were handing out balloons for the kids and details about how to buy tickets for the Wigan game.

You can find out more here at the Saints website though at this point we are heading towards a sell out crowd of over 17,000!

It's going to be a great game and Saints are looking forward to welcoming back a number of players from injury.

NEW - Meal Deals Now Available Online

Domino's Pizza St HelensAfter listening to your requests Domino's Pizza UK (who run our online ordering service for us)have launched a range of Meal Deals at http://www.dominos.co.uk/ for you to order.

Buy Two Large Pizzas and Get One Free is one of these deals.

Unfortunately you will not be able to use your Coupon Codes to get an extra discount as these deals are already heavily reduced. However with a pen and paper and some nifty maths you will be able to work out whether it is better to use your code to save money off the full price or to go for one of the meal deals.

Because of the fixed price nature of the deals a lot of the flexibility to customise your pizzas has had to be removed as well, but I am sure that will not be too much of a drama.

To access the deals just click on the "Meal Deals" tab at the top of the ordering page

St Helens Coach Daniel Anderson Meets Another High-Performing Team

Daniel Anderson Domino's PizzaWe were pleased to welcome Saints' Head Coach Daniel Anderson into the shop on Thursday night.

As you can see if you look closely, Daniel swapped caps and became an Honorary Dominoid for the night- a Dominoid is someone who lives and breathes pizza and is passionate about delivering it hot and fresh to our customers, just as we are.

Pictured here with Daniel are our Pizzatastic Pizzamakers Lily and Emma along with Awesome Drivers Martin and Andy.

And from everyone at Domino's Pizza St Helens we wish the team luck in the forthcoming local derby against Wigan Warriors.

For exclusive offers for Saints Fans click here

Domino's Pizza Steak Special TV Advert

Hot off the press - here it is the TV advert for the New Domino's Pizza Steak Special

Packed full of meaty goodness, it features a new Steak Sauce - with a rich gravy taste, and is then topped with steak slices, onions and herbs. What a great way to warm away those Winter Blues!

And why not try one with a portion of Chocolate Brownies? Go on - you deserve it!

Call the store on 01744 733566 or order online aw http://www.dominos.co.uk/

Saints Hero Sean Long Pops into Domino's Pizza for a Chat

Sean Long Domino's PizzaSome of the staff got to meet Sean Long on Wednesday when he popped into the store on his way home from work!

Pictured with Sean (he's the one in civvies) are (left to right) Pizza Maker Extraordinaire Kyle Cheetham, and two of our Hunger Fulfillment Specialists (aka Drivers) Chris Woods and Andy Lyon.

A big thanks to Sean for letting us take your photo, and we hope you enjoyed the "Access All Areas" Behind the Scenes Tour.

Scrum-half Sean, a former Man of Steel, is currently recovering from an injured knee, sustained in the last-gasp victory against Wakefield on Mother's Day.

We all wish him well in his recovery and hope he gets a Pizza The Action again soon.

Remember all Saints fans can get exclusive discounts at Domino's Pizza St Helens by clicking here

New Year New Look

Domino's Pizza St Helens

We hope you like our new-look shopfront and delivery vehicle, fitted by our good friends at Vinyline, St Helens' premier signage company. To find out about my family's reaction to having the car logo'd up click here

That lamp-post is the bane of my life as it gets in the way of every decent photo we take, and in this case it is obscuring the Buy One Get One FREE Offer on Collection (Just phone or pop in for details).

Likewise, we have two new pizzas on the menu - The Mexican Hot and The Meatzza Pizza.

Why not give them a try when you order next?

Phone 01744 733 566 or order online at www.dominos.co.uk

Leon Pryce Voted Man of The Match by Domino's WAGs - Saints vs Warrington

Leon Pryce Saints Domino's Pizza

In our capacity as an Official St Helens RFC Partner, Domino’s Pizza St Helens, was on-hand at the weekend’s game vs. Warrington Wolves to present the man of the match award to Leon Pryce.

The game saw St Helens walk away with an 8 point victory over the visiting side.

Pictured presenting the award to Leon is local Domino’s store owner Simon Pickles, with fellow Directors Bernie, Barbara and Nigel Pickles. On the right is Robin Auld representing Domino's Pizza UK.

Simon says: “We are delighted that Saints have once again stormed to victory at home. We will be continuing our support of the team throughout the year so watch this space for upcoming competitions and special offers for all Saints’ pizza loving fans.”

All Saints fans can indulge in a 25% discount for Domino’s Pizza St Helens. Visit http://www.sthelens-dominos.blogspot.com/ for more information.

Domino’s St Helens has just launched the new unmi’steak’ably good Steak Special pizza. With generous meaty steak slices in a succulent steak sauce, covered with delicious melted cheese and a sprinkling of chives, you’ll be the most popular cowboy on the ranch if you bring this to the table.

Try Our New Domino's Pizza St Helens Steak Special

Domino's Pizza Steak Special

The latest arrival in St Helens is the New Domino's Pizza Steak Special. Packed full of meaty goodness, it features a new Steak Sauce - with a rich gravy taste, and is then topped with steak slices, onions and herbs. What a great way to warm away those Winter Blues!

And why not try one with a portion of Chocolate Brownies? Go on - you deserve it!

Call the store on 01744 733566 or order online aw http://www.dominos.co.uk/ from Feb 11th 2008

Congratulations to Our Competition Winner

Mr Paul H, from Sutton Oak has won our recent competition, by correctly answering that Saints Head Coach Daniel Anderson originates from Australia. Well done!

Courtesy of Domino's Pizza St Helens, Paul wins some Top Class Hospitality for the season's curtain-raising home match against Warrington Wolves on February 15th.

Paul and his 3 guests will receive a 3-course pre-match meal in the Church Square Restaurant, including a talk from a guest speaker, and then be able to watch the match from the Hattons Solictors Stand, before returning to the restaurant for post-match refreshments.

As a token of our appreciation Paul and his guests will each receive a complimentary Domino's Pizza Menu and Fridge Magnet as a memento of their evening.

As the Official Match Sponsor our staff will be handing out menus and vouchers at the entrances to the stadium and there will be a special guest appearance by Pizza Pete - our very own mascot.

For Domino's Pizza Saints Special Offers just click here.

Scully - Good Luck in Your Testimonial Year from Domino's Pizza

Knowsley Road St Helens and Great Britain Rugby League Legend had his Testimonial Match at Knowsley Road today in front of his loyal fans against Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.

In pretty testing conditions Coach Daniel Anderson managed to give his whole squad a run out and, after a closely contested first half, Saints ran out eventual 48-22 winners.

Unfortunately, Paul was unable to play due to injury but is confident of making his long-awaited comeback in Saints opening home match of the season against Warrington on February 15th (match sponsored by Domino's Pizza St Helens, of course).

Paul Sculthorpe
Tickets are still on sale but if you cannot make it to the match why not watch it live on Sky Sports - with a Domino's delivery

You can read all about Paul Sculthorpe's Testimonial here and his chosen good cause - Tommy's the Baby Charity

Paul kindly autographed a ball and souvenir brochure for us and we will be giving that away as a competition prize later in the season (Paul apologises for his pen running out half way through btw!)

Thanks and good luck this season.

Domino's Pizza St Helens to Sponsor Season Curtain Raiser

Saints Domino's Pizza

Our first sponsored game of the new season is against Warrington Wolves on February 15th at 7.30pm. There is a great Family Ticket Offer or if you can't make it to the game you can watch the whole match live on Sky - with a Domino's Pizza delivery!
Our competition to win some Top Class Hospitality is open until February 6th and we also have some great Special Offers exclusively for Saints' Fans.
If you are going to the game look out for our staff who will be handing out vouchers, menus and giveaways.
Let's get the season off to a winning start!

Win A Top Class Hospitality Package for 4 People to Saints vs Warrington Wolves 15th Feb 2008

STOP PRESS - 08/02/08

The Closing Date for the competition was 6th February 2007.

As the Official Match Sponsor of the 2008 Season Curtain Raiser against Warrington Wolves on 15/02/08 we are offering 4 lucky Saints fans the chance to enjoy some top-drawer Knowsley Road Match Day Hospitality.

You will enjoy a sit down 3-course meal from the carvery before the game in the Church Square Restaurant with its stunning pitchside views.

You will then be able to watch the match either in the restaurant or from your Reserved seats in the Stand, before being served light refreshments at the end of the game.

To enter just answer the following question

Which country does Saints Coach Daniel Anderson originate from?

and email your answer to sthelensdominos@gmail.com with "Domino's Saints Competition" in the Subject Line. Remember to include your name and address.

Competition Rules: Closing date for entries is 6pm on 06/02/08. Entrants must be aged 18 or over, though guests of the winning entrant can be younger. In the event of more than one correct response a draw will be held by an independent adjudicator. The winners name will be published on this website and entrants agree to appearing in any publicity that Domino's Pizza create around this competition. The competition is not open to employees of Domino's Pizza, its suppliers or franchisees. For a full list of rules email the above address, but they include only one entry per email address/postal address

Collection Special - Buy One Get One FREE

Free Domino's Pizza
Buy any LARGE pizza and get another one to the same value or less for FREE. Valid for Collection. Can be ordered over the phone or in person. Sorry but for technical reasons this offer is not available online. Phone us at Domino's Pizza St Helens on 01744 733 566

What Are We Gonna Do For The Other 28 Minutes?

This 15 second ad is from the current United States Domino's Pizza advertising campaign. I hope you find it as amusing as Mrs Pickles did!

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Domino's Pizza 555 TV Advert

Here is the TV Ad that is supporting the 2008 January Sale

It's for the 555 Deal which is any 3 (or more) 9.5" pizzas for just £5.55 each.

Order online, over the telephone or in person at the shop.

Phone 01744 733 566

To see another great Domino's Advert just click here

It is from the current American campaign.