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St Helens Domino's Pizza Wins a Keep Britain Tidy Business Award

Keep Britain Tidy Domino's Pizza It's no joke when people say the future of our planet is at risk. But I believe that if we all take responsibility for our actions we at least have a chance of prolonging our stay here on Earth before sea levels rise and Windle Island literally lives up to its name!

So it was with great pleasure that we were able to take our place among the elite of St Helens' businesses as holders of a Keep Britain Tidy Business Award, at the Annual Ceremony at the Park Hotel on July 15th 2009.

Recipients included national brands Tesco, Morrisions, ASDA, The Co-op, Curry's and Boots, along with smaller concerns like The Crispy Cod, The Haydock Supper Bar, Direct Fire & Safety and Frank Rogers Builders.

The awards are made to businesses in recognition of their commitment to efficient waste management by actively reducing, re-using and recycling their waste.

At Domino's, because we are a home-delivery business, we generate very little waste and what we do is separated out before being recycled where possible. Domino's suppliers are actively encouraged to reduce packaging, and in store all of our pots, pans and utensils are re-used (you should see the amount of washing up we have to do each night!)

As this was our first involvement with the Awards Scheme we were very proud to attain the Silver Level, however we are already working towards Gold by becoming more actively involved in Community Initiatives to Keep Britain Tidy!