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Try the New American Hot Pizza at Domino's St Helens

When the most succulent tasty pepperoni meets some fiery hot little jalapeno peppers on a bed of mouth watering mozzarella cheese and onion you just know they are going to get it on. It's a jalpenory pepperonery love story from Domino's . Oh yeah! Pure American Hot action from Domino's Pizza.

Available to order instore, by phone or online.

Give us a ring on 01744 733566

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We have set up a Facebook group for all the Domino's Pizza St Helens Customers and Fans out there.

With sections for uploading your pictures and videos there will be regular competitions for you to share with The World your Domino's Experience. (Keep 'Em Clean please!)

There is a Discussion Board for you to suggest how we can improve our service or if you would like to see new products then that is the place to let us know about them.

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Sunny Days in St Helens - Free Domino's Pizza Giveaway!

Here are a few pictures from our recent Free Pizza Giveaway Day in St Helens Town Centre. Many thanks to Matt, Kyle and Emma for bringing such joy to everyone's lives. Pizza always makes people smile! And thanks to for everyone from Saints who joined us too, especially Boots the Mascot.

If you are a member of Facebook you can become a Domino's Fan here.

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Cheese and Bacon Pizza
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